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Silver Stilettos 🔪 | ✓

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sailor v ᵎ 🌙 By salonikavale Completed

Just as I opened my mouth to form the word "help", I felt something hard dig into the small of my back. My body jerked, trying to get away from him. Seriously? A boner? Did the boy have no sense of shame?

But it wasn't an erection digging with such painful precision into my spine. It was the cold pressure of a gun.

[   in which a girl writes a fictional story that mirrors real life too closely, and a boy tells her he'll protect her from the mafia who want her dead   ]

kalaxis kalaxis 2 days ago
I love how you did a little spin on this chapter. You took the clichéd opening scene of first day of school, being noticed by the badboy then boom, instant love and make it into something original. More realistic. 
                              Can't wait to read more
kalaxis kalaxis 2 days ago
I went to a school where English wasn't   a first home language for my school mates. So everytime I spoke( in English) to the girl next to me to make a new friend, the whole class would die down, listen in and stare. So after the fifth or sixth time, I held back from talking for about a week.
BBHoodz BBHoodz a day ago
Americans aren't this dumb lmao....Idk y she depicted us like the but we usually kind our own business
_ultra_vi0lett _ultra_vi0lett 3 days ago
That's why you don't assume. It's safer to look at everyone with a resting face
vividaydreamer vividaydreamer 6 days ago
I'm more of a dog person but CATS/KITTENS ARE STILL SUPER CUTE
Can anyone please tell me who are the people in the cover of the book?