Silver Stilettos 🔪  | ✓

Silver Stilettos 🔪 | ✓

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Just as I opened my mouth to form the word "help", I felt something hard dig into the small of my back. My body jerked, trying to get away from him. Seriously? A boner? Did the boy have no sense of shame?

But it wasn't an erection digging with such painful precision into my spine. It was the cold pressure of a gun.

[   in which a girl writes a fictional story that mirrors real life too closely, and a boy tells her he'll protect her from the mafia who want her dead   ]

 #silver (is that how I'm supposed to do it?) the first time I read the last sentence it was a bit jarring because it was going to be so long. If you reread it it's good, but because I didn't know it was going to be that long, it was, as I said, jarring.
PrettyInBlue24 PrettyInBlue24 a day ago
I have a birth mark right in the middle but a little above my eyebrows on my head and I use to get teased all the time for it and people use say "She's an Indian." Now it's a little faded.🙄
I'a not familiar with this actress, but holy shít is she gorgeous. Good character choice.
Osmosis? That's so weird that it has a different definition in literature 😂 .... sorry I'm in AP bio
 #silver sorry idk how nit-picky I'm supposed to be so I'm going with very. 
                              "My Toyota had a few scrapes and dents on the fender" sounds like you just chucked that random bit of info in there, it doesn't flow to the next sentence well. Maybe if you threw in a 'so' or something?
I really liked how everything was described, it felt as if I was watching the scene the whole time. The transition from a silent parking lot with no sound but a kitten's mew to the deadly fight for a gun was amazing and well- written.