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The stray (Sterek)

The stray (Sterek)

7.2K Reads 186 Votes 24 Part Story
Amber By Stereklover_ Completed

Stiles wakes up in increments, His head aches and he slowly realizes he's cold. He wines and forces his eyes open, Only to see bars surrounding him. He's in a cage. When he tries to struggle to his knees he sees that his hands are encased in some sort of padding, Like boxing gloves, But made out of something softer than leather. He can feel the same thing on his feet and there is some complicated brace on his legs that keep him from straightening. Other than that he's naked. And his mouth, there's something covering his mouth, He can't even pull it away with his hands like this. It feels like some sort of "Hannibal Lector Mask" Straps everywere....Wait its a muzzle, His panicked brain supplies. Another whine bursts out from behind it. Then all of the sudden he hears a voice behind him "Shhh.....Easy girl, Easy. Says a soothing voice..........

Find out what happens next in The chapters of "Stray"

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