Falling For You

Falling For You

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Rin | 鈴 By sinshineshouyou Completed

When Gon Freecss moves and becomes the new kid in school, he immediately becomes entranced with Killua Zoldyck upon laying eyes on him for the first time. While his classmates tell him to stay away from Killua, Gon finds himself wanting to get closer to him.

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by sinshineshouyou 

Completed 1.3.17

NatsuMalo NatsuMalo Oct 10, 2016
Please Update I want them to have their first real conversation!!! 😍 Also I'm exited to see what kinda character Killua is in your story 😋
Gio406 Gio406 5 days ago
You aren't his mom YOU BEACH!!! (I don't swear so I hope y'all can bear my lame insults XD)
4everanimelover 4everanimelover Oct 10, 2016
I'm aware that you didn't like how it was coming out, but will the story still have the same direction towards killua and gon or are you going to change that too ?
NatsuMalo NatsuMalo Oct 10, 2016
Be proud Author-san to already have this many fans on your first chapter! Quite an achievement. Ne!? 😎
AmberGreen309 AmberGreen309 Dec 15, 2016
Gon, you just answered your own question. It's cause you're lovesick. XD
NarunaK NarunaK Jan 28
Gon, you were born a puppy. And then you evolved into a human. And then you went back to a puppy, a lovesick puppy, when you first saw Killua.