The Beautiful Forbidden

The Beautiful Forbidden

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Kyra Dawson By Kyra_Dawson Updated Mar 04, 2017

Seventeen year old Meruself brought death and suffering to Norngard, a world where once none existed. Now exiled from her home, shunned, and withering under the weight of her shame and regret, a terrible beast pursues Meruself's every step.

Desperate to set things right, she accepts a quest that will threaten her survival, challenge her beliefs, endanger all those she loves, and lead her down a path into the dark unknown to face the very thing she fears the most.

As the Dark Reaping closes in, Meruself must find the strength to face her past and the courage to embrace her greatest fears, for it may be the only way she can ever go home again.

Journey to the realm of Norngard, home of the Norns, a place of mystery, magic and myth.

The journey begins in the haunted Hella Wood...

'The Beautiful Forbidden' is an exciting new young adult dark fantasy adventure by author Kyra Dawson that taps into your mythic memory and sweeps you into a world both magical and monstrous.

© 2016 All rights reserved.

New update schedule coming soon.

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