A Lovers Reunion...... Sequel To A Lovers Spat

A Lovers Reunion...... Sequel To A Lovers Spat

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I was a toy. I was a toy all along. He said he loved me. I believed him. I wore my heart on my sleeve. He made my world fall apart. And I let him. I left him. But my Love for him grew. I left for Busan. Left Seoul. I followed my dream. Become a singer. But came back to Seoul. I saw him. My heart sped a thousand miles. My feeling for him came back. Like a ton of rocks crashing down on me. I was torn in between running into his arms. Or going back to my old life with out him. But I chose the first option. And I don't regret it. Because I love him more than before. He's my life. ~Do Kyungsoo

I played him. He wore his heart on his sleeve. He left. I broke. i cried. I missed him. Then he comes back. But He's different. He doesn't know it. But he's got stars in his eyes. A galaxy stored in his mind. And I'm completely infatuated with him. With the universe implanted in him. I miss his heart shape smile. His melodious laugh. He was perfect. And I let him slip through my fingers. ~Kim Jongin

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pinkmochai pinkmochai Sep 30, 2016
pinkmochai pinkmochai Sep 30, 2016
wAt no your gonna meet again like maybe a lot of timessssss.
Hope122000 Hope122000 Oct 03, 2016
But why tho just say sorry it won't make you short you know,😭😭😭
loveletter883 loveletter883 Oct 02, 2016
So, Kyungsoo is not a singer ? Aww .. then what he did for the past 5 years ? He even dropped out from uni
dalilanabiha dalilanabiha Dec 06, 2016
Can you flashback about what happen to kai after kyungsoo left? I want to know that~~~please....
BaoziTroll BaoziTroll Oct 01, 2016
Did you  rewrite this?? Cause i cant see any chapter other than this. Did i miss anything???