The First Time

The First Time

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Azalia Chase and her twin Alexander move from the town they've lived in all their life to attend Blake Preparatory Boarding School. Of course she's not happy about moving, and she's also not happy about moving to a school where this one arrogant guy won't stop bothering her. And that guy happened to be the one and only Noah Matthews. When he takes a sudden interest in her, Azalia knows that she's in for quite of a ride.                                             

Noah Matthews is the bad boy at Blake Prep and is also their star quarterback. What a twist right? He just can't take the title of one or the other and manages to be both. And getting Azalia through a lot of her "firsts" proves to be quite difficult, which quite frankly makes him want to strangle her. The thing is, at the same time, she's something he just can't get enough of.                                           

She was hoping to find a way to survive moving to a new place, get through the year being somewhat unnoticed, and get her rightful spot as valedictorian. But through pranks, trying new things, unexpected problems, and even smurfs, her whole world is turned upside-down.                                            

But there is a first time for everything. She just has to remember that.

The area that I live in desperately needs another high school, mine has about 1500 students which doesn't work well with such a small school.
Ahhhhh😀😀😀😀😀😍😍I love the character selection for this book and the length of each chapter. 👍 great job author
My class has 600 students in it. I could never live in a small town like that. I'm a big city kinda girl.
Plofka0166 Plofka0166 Apr 08
I have 400 in NY school but in the other one theres about 1000?
alley17690 alley17690 Dec 30, 2015
What friends? My only friends are the people on wattpad and u know that good thing about wattpad friends? 
                              I can take them anywhere u go 
                              Just have your phone or whatever and then voilà u got yourself some friends u can take with u even if u move across the country...
- - Oct 23, 2015
Could I give you a tip?  End here. The last part doesn't have to be there. If you cross it, it feels more like the start to a story! Sorry if this makes you feel sad or anything...just giving you some advice!❤️