The Bricks ஐ

The Bricks ஐ

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All characters and events in this story are completely fictional. If anything seems familiar it is completely coincidental. All situations in this story come completely from my imagination. 


Loyalty lasts a lifetime, but what's the point of being loyal if you're being left behind.


The money is treating him right, but he knows she'll treat him better...He needs to get back to her, but is she the strong girl he left behind? 

Have the bricks broken her down or built her up?

princess__quelly155 princess__quelly155 Sep 04, 2017
- idc what nobody says if their friendship is that strong let em do what they want
CocaineHoney CocaineHoney Sep 14, 2017
When i read this book like 20 times 😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️ i love it❤️
MaydayIndia MaydayIndia Jan 13
First time reading . Some one recommended it . I’m excited 😊
I_Cunnot I_Cunnot Aug 29, 2017
It's like a way to let out anger for some. Can't hurt anyone else so they'll do it to themselves. It also helps some forget about the pain they're feeling inside like she said. It's alot of reasons and really varies on the person
OffTori OffTori Nov 19, 2017
First time 😌 and based on these comments this book good asf 😭
MaydayIndia MaydayIndia Jan 13
You know it’s a good story when the title in the book 😂