Heartless Billionaire ✔️

Heartless Billionaire ✔️

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He's hurt, she is hurt too

He's broken, she is broken too

He's alone, she is alone too


He's devil, she's God of goodness

He's is hopeless, she is his hope

He hides, she expresses 

He hates, she loves 


"Love finds its way out of darkness and haze of hate and curse to bring in the light. I had and will believe it till the end of my life. Maybe someday I shall get the happiness of living the life full of love and affection I always craved for. " She said as the tears rolled down her cheeks. 

He infuriated at her stance gave her the harsh glare and barked, " Then sorry baby its not gonna happen unless you run away from my claws but let me tell you, that's impossible. And I will assure to not let that happen as you are married to me and there is no way out. "

Dev Raichand, the most handsome, hot and talented billionaire marries the orphan girl, Arohi, to take revenge for her ugly mischief that cost him loss of his precious one. She unaware of her
 mistakes suffers under the claws of the most rich but brutal man and eventually cures his deep wounds. He sees her love and sacrifices and so decides to give her eternal love but is it so easy when hurdles never cease to come despite the intense love that throb your heart to the core? 

Hurdles break them apart, demarcating the thick line not easy to cross to meet again. 

Will she find way out of the misery or stand against it and find love? 
Find it! 

Cast: Shraddha Kapoor :Arohi Raichand 
Varun Dhawan: Dev Raichand
Lovely cover by @heyitsMegyz

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I know this is only the first chapter but please let me kill him
jensenweik jensenweik May 15
SAT lol CAT is a scan for your brain to see if you have a tumor
Something you love to do but it tears you apart seeing someone you love who was hurt. .is it called love? Love love love looking forward to the story
Why private chapters is that a way to force us to follow you. Be real!!!!!!!!
cityofmines cityofmines Oct 01
I hate the guy
                              Also rape can never Bo forgiven no matter how much your rapist loves tou
As much effort you have put into this book, i believe it doesn't promote anything but marital violence and rape from her own husband. I just do not think this is appropriate for it to be a story.