No Affection

No Affection

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"Underwears don't just fly away" 

"A sex toy?"

"I'm a geek not a sex freak" 

"You are seriously crazy, Ambrose" 

Nicole Garcia a.k.a Nikki Bella a.k.a nerdy Nikki. A sweet smart nice and innocent girl I her last Year of high school. She spent her whole high school journey with her twin Brianna Garcia/ Brie Bella and her best friends Paige Bevis and Renee Young. 

She's different from her friends, she's a Virgin and knows nothing that has to do with sex. 

But after getting assigned an art project with her classmate, Dean Ambrose. Everything changes, she discovers things that she's never known about before and eventually finds lust. But what she and everyone in her senior year doesn't know about besides Dean's best friends, Seth Rollins and Roman reigns, he's crazy. But it's a different type of crazy. Whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, it depends how Nikki sees it. 

Paige Bevis has always had the dream to become a scientist, she's always been interested in chemistry especially and she's told and promised her self to marry or date someone with a title. Who has a good occupation and reputation. Well, she has eyed Seth Rollins but he isn't the person Paige wishes he was.

Charlotte flair is the Daughter of the Billionaire Ric Flair, she never wants anything handed to her and wants to achieve and work hard for the things she wants in life herself. Her dad is always rushing her to get married even if it's arranged marriage because he's scared that he's going to be a single women by the time she's thirty. In her final senior year she finds an interest, someone has really likes and thought wound be the one, she would do anything for him even if it is to go against her dad. But it doesn't always turn it how she wanted it to be.
Brie Bella has always had a thing for Roman since he came to the Houston high. Eventually she finds it that Roman has got something for her but things happen that block them from being together.

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                              * Faints from the feels *