The Bad Boy is a Dom (BDSM)

The Bad Boy is a Dom (BDSM)

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Cora moves to a different state and a new school full of normal people that would be in a school. She is the average nerd and good girl, but likes to call herself a geek and has a good amount of friends but no siblings what so ever and divorced parents...she still puts a smile on her face.

What happens when the all time bad boy Cole Matthews takes an interest in this red haired girl? Cole, he's a Dom and so are his friends, other than that he is a bad boy who smokes, drinks and breaks the rules but being a Dom he lives his life the way he wants...he likes challenges

So he takes Cora as a challenge. He needs a new sub and she looks as if she will submit to her done deal, but what happens when this challenge becomes...challenging? Will he have fun and play with her feelings? Or will he just play with his own?

Sexual Content will be involved


Queenunikitty1304 Queenunikitty1304 Dec 18, 2016
Has any one reading touching spirt bear? Just me Cole Matthews sounds fimliar
The_Experiment_Zech The_Experiment_Zech Nov 28, 2016
Books will always be better in terms of those delicious details
liyahoxo liyahoxo Sep 10, 2016
The books were great and even thought Jamie Dornan sexy he made the movie kinda suckish
Miyanna_Nunn Miyanna_Nunn Oct 19, 2016
The books were way better than the movie 
                              Tbh the movie seemed more about the sex  than the story line plus the books just had more details so
Jazz_122 Jazz_122 Sep 16, 2016
This is gonna be my first non one direction Larry stylison bdsm straight story I've read and quite frankly I'm a little scared but ready
The_Experiment_Zech The_Experiment_Zech Nov 28, 2016
Yes a Dom is a Dominant, referring usually to BDSM. Sub = Submissive