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Maki By makiwander Updated Mar 01

Selene Illy Montebello is a Princess in the making. She was set to be the most sought after bachelorette and a future beauty queen. Undeniably one of the most beautiful at her age. In a snap, people would bow at her, in just a mere cold stare, people would apologize to her.

She has everything, beauty, wealth and fame. Except for one man, who used to be wrapped around her fingers. The man cut lose and fell inlove with a woman her exact opposite. Zeus Eliseo Romualdez will never fall in her trap again. More so, he will hate her for a sole reason..

An untimely marriage with her.

Will love find its way to its owner? Or both will develop hate towards each other?

Teens, please take caution in reading this story.

Another, Tie-the-Knot series from makiwander stories.

Thank you Anj Recasa for the cover! ❤️

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CharityMiro CharityMiro Mar 29
inspiring story w/c shows dat love is true and will conquer everything.. pwde pong pang phr ang story super nice..
Olivia anak ni Raeven at Deuce , si selene anak nila Alec at peyton from the story of Enemies with benefits.
Ay tanga q tlga d q npnsin ang name Ni zues.. Omg d q expect n ksma tlga c Olivia..omg bnbugbug dn b n Zeus c selene?
peacetau123 peacetau123 May 07
Bilis ng panahon. Kababasa ko lang kla duece malaki na agad si olivia
mommychendp mommychendp Mar 11
Been crying while reading this..  I love this one ❤️😭
Right after reading the Bad boy's slave. Eto naman :) I'm really curious of what exactly happened to selene right after Ria left.