The Wicked Princess (On-Going)

The Wicked Princess (On-Going)

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Maki By makiwander Updated 6 days ago

Selene Illy Montebello is a Princess in the making. She was set to be the most sought after bachelorette and a future beauty queen. Undeniably one of the most beautiful at her age. In a snap, people would bow at her, in just a mere cold stare, people would apologize to her.

She has everything, beauty, wealth and fame. Except for one man, who used to be wrapped around her fingers. The man cut lose and fell inlove with a woman her exact opposite. Zeus Eliseo Romualdez will never fall in her trap again. More so, he will hate her for a sole reason..

An untimely marriage with her.

Will love find its way to its owner? Or both will develop hate towards each other?

Teens, please take caution in reading this story.

Another, Tie-the-Knot series from makiwander stories.

Thank you Ruffyeon for the cover! ❤️

bebepatoo bebepatoo Oct 04, 2016
Why do I have this feeling na mas masakit ang story na ito?! Huhu
HunterCloudStar HunterCloudStar Sep 16, 2016
Waaaa!! Yehey!! May story na si Selene!! So si Zeus pala ang abusive husband. Kawawa si Selene sa story ng TBBS... huhu!!!  Excited ako dito....
AlmayTaberna AlmayTaberna Sep 19, 2016
Update plss...this is what im asking a while to u,glad i found it.. 😊😊😊
rsmrietbzo rsmrietbzo Sep 17, 2016
Wooot woot sa wakas meron na din kwento si selene. Nakucurious talaga ko dito 😁
relieffromreality relieffromreality Sep 16, 2016
I am really eager to read this story but I feel that this will be more dramatic than the story of Maria so I will wait until this.story is finished. I just don't want to kill the feels when i am reading. I really look forward to reading this story.
ThrustMeTaehyung ThrustMeTaehyung Sep 16, 2016
Excited po ako kung anong atake gagawin nyo dito Miss Maki 😊