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the notes (dan x reader)

the notes (dan x reader)

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[izzy] By dizzydjh Updated Feb 16

y/n is a YouTuber with about 4 million subs.

since 2012 she has fangirled 24/7 over daniel james howell and uses every opportunity she has to meet him. disguised of course.

but there is one thing in her way- herself.

it's not easy being socially awkward and shy af.

but it's easy to write something down.

you're not a stalker. you're just madly in love.

wow this sounds bad okay bye

danasaurgirl11 danasaurgirl11 7 days ago
at least you can read your own handwriting XD mine is so chicken scratchy that I can hardly read it
The note would scare the shait out of me just image yourself getting this note from a stranger XD