Love on Tour

Love on Tour

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Caitlin McHugh By CaitlinMcHugh Completed

Alyssa Conaway, a smart good girl, was best friends with the infamous quadruplets Jayden, Brandon, Derek, and Seth (the boys are not related at all, just all really good friends). 

As their friend ship grows and they get closer everyday the boys get a new job; as rockstars! The have to leave for there tour, leaving behind Alyssa but they promise to keep in touch. 

It has been a year since they left and Alyssa never heard back from them, it kills her and all she wished is for to never remember them again. She lost all hope in them ever talking to her, they have their famous lives to live and they don't need Alyssa around anymore. The only way for her to forget about them is to be the opposite of herself, the girl she was with them. 

She was a rotten kid, doing drugs and sleeping around and letting her grades drop. With her real dad dead and her mother dead she is the only parental figure left for her baby brother, Kyle. Her life is better, she is happy again but all that crashes down when the band of boys she left behind are returning to finish off high school back in their hometown. 

Will they be able to change Alyssa back to the straight A good girl or have they lost her completely?

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ImagineSkyline ImagineSkyline Sep 23, 2016
This is the prologue andI already know that I'm gonna love it, and if I dont, Ill learn to!!!!
soccerpiper11 soccerpiper11 Oct 18, 2014
Sorry to be rude and point this out but i think you meant tour and broken just in case you didnt realize. Its really good though.
JaksInsanity JaksInsanity Aug 13, 2014
Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't that make it 28 months not 16?
MaddieStyles5 MaddieStyles5 Jun 29, 2012
Y did u do that making allasya do that! No they cant break up!
LosingControl LosingControl Jun 18, 2011
I appsolutly luved this i read it twice, but tht mite jst be because my name is Alyssa n one of my best friends name is Derek
RedVelvet13 RedVelvet13 May 13, 2011
Um, this is just like This One's For You by justanotherheart... Just saying.