Meme King {Yoonmin}

Meme King {Yoonmin}

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Dab King By JiminieTho Completed

Chiminie: I saw your new tweet so I was wondering if you wanted a meme?

RapGodSuga: why the fuck would I want a meme?

Chiminie: memes make me not want 2 die so it'll help u 

RapGodSuga: you better send me some dank ass Harambe memes 

When Yoongi is a Youtuber and Jimin somehow manages to get him to respond to his dms

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-Vvantae -Vvantae Aug 27
Sounds like my phone. Except 
                              I don't take selfies or family pictures, they're just memes, cute, or hot pictures of bts
when i read "bee movie" i immediately thought of mileschronicles i am sorry
isjungshOOK isjungshOOK Sep 26
Okay but this is me though. Except I never had selfies nor pictures of my family to begin with
kaysha1356 kaysha1356 Sep 03
😂😂😂I literally fell off the couch dang I wasn't expecting that
And they always post shoutouts and crap ads, and the only time they do post their own stuff it's so dead💀💀💀
                              and if you don't know now you 
                              IM TAKING BACK THE CROWN 
                              IM ALL DRESSED UP AND NAKED 
                              I SEE WHATS MINE AND TAKE IT