Voltron Legendary Defender X Reader One-Shots

Voltron Legendary Defender X Reader One-Shots

34.5K Reads 800 Votes 15 Part Story
~Toshiro and Shuhei's Bae~ By Anime_Fangirl4501 Completed

Enjoy this book of one shots with your favorite dorky, cute, nerdy, flirty, and hot space dudes! Who will your heart choose?

The one and only so-called space dad: Shiro?

The stoic, cute, mullet-head: Keith?

The flirty, proud, "ladies-man": Lance?

The smart, nerdy, kawaii: Pidge?

The amazing cook, cute, gentle: Hunk?

The beautiful, elegant, but fierce: Allura?

The funny, amusing, and entertaining: Coran?

Who knows? Enjoy these one shots of your beloved paladins and their allies!

  • allura
  • coran
  • galra
  • hunk
  • keith
  • keithkogane
  • lance
  • pidge
  • sendak
  • shiro
  • voltron
  • voltronlegendarydefender
  • zarkon
Giant_Robot Giant_Robot Sep 18
i just made the weirdest noise ever shiro why would you do this u egger
DaxNobody DaxNobody Mar 22
OMG this is just like how I used to write fanfics, sweet and cute till the end, with a perfect happy ending~ I love this :)
hey its okay you get used to it after a couple million times
                              in fanfiction of course not -not in real life   
                              hmmmm you need me to bury you for the good of humanity of course self confidence
Blankets, check.. pillow, check... Phone, check... I think I'm ready
I thought it said: “Contains killing and a bit of stalking!”
PudinOfLMJP PudinOfLMJP Oct 29
"Stay Close To Me" that remember me Viktor's short or free program.