A Slap and a Kiss | Damian Wayne x Reader

A Slap and a Kiss | Damian Wayne x Reader

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It's another night in Gotham, and a certain little bird is perched on the roof, waiting for his fate.
What happens when he meets a girl?

WARNING: This story is a one-shot. No more, even if I had put in a Halloween Special. It's done.

Cover Art: Me! (I'm that un-lazy.)

I know another person put this and I know it's your story, but could you at least put in the description that he reader is a little OC? Sorry if it seems rude, it just feels more like an OC X Damian what with no inserts or appearance choice.
rheatreesha rheatreesha Jul 19
Wait Bat Cow........ That's it's name???? 😂😂😂😂😂
You know what's ironic my friends all call me Karamel and yes it's spelt like that
winxqueens winxqueens Jul 14
I bet im somehow related to poison ivy if so she has red hair with green eyes
xX_Kamik_Xx xX_Kamik_Xx Jul 21
BatCow does exist and Damian is Vegan because of it. I have the actual comic. I don't remember which one cause I have so many, but yes. BatCow is a thing. He saved her on a mission in a slaughter house. That's also when he decided to be a vegetarian I believe.
Is it just me or does this story seem more like a Damian x OC story?