Satan's Spawn || MINICAT || *DISCONTINUED*

Satan's Spawn || MINICAT || *DISCONTINUED*

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A Dreamer By IITheDreamingTeenII Updated Sep 28, 2016

The submissive and dominate demons.

The submissive demon's purpose is to serve the dominate. To stay with them unless instructed otherwise. If you get marked by a dominate demon, your soul is owned by them.

The dominate demon's purpose is to keep the submissive in check. They can chose to mark any demon they want, and once they do, there is no going back on their choice. They are stronger then submissives and much more powerful.

However. If a dominate demon marks a human or an angel (which is strictly a no go) then they are bound to them. If the human/angel is in a different realm from the demon, it increases the pain as the body tries to remove the mark whilst the demon isn't there.

Tyler, a dominate demon and the son of the devil, hasn't marked anyone. He reckons it's a waste.

So his father, the devil, decides to send him on a rare mission to collect an 'innocent' boy's soul.


Cause the devil loves to be a matchmaker.

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BoredomGuah BoredomGuah Jan 22
Well except for those four seeds I have to Persephone but that was just cause I wanted my bittch back and that was a while ago back when I went by a different name
JesterLei JesterLei Nov 12, 2016
Oh yeah Tyler's father read our mind glad his father loves matchmaking but why a boy though?
-GayUnicorns- -GayUnicorns- Oct 29, 2016
Friend: Can I have some chips?
                              Me: BITCH PLEASE THERE MINE!
                              I can relate
Ok no matter how you may describe him, I'm either going to imagine him as Tom Ellis (from the show Lucifer) or Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer in the show Supernatutal)
Antirequine Antirequine Sep 18, 2016
I laughed harder then i need to do xD
                              Also i was hyped for this story so much.
JesterLei JesterLei Nov 12, 2016
Oh yeah his gay I didn't read it and commented first I was reacting to the subscription