Only you! {Version one} (Choromatsu X Reader!) [Fluff] [Lemon]

Only you! {Version one} (Choromatsu X Reader!) [Fluff] [Lemon]

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Cute Caca Devil By Lemon_Goddess97 Completed

You've been in love with Choromatsu for a while, but he just won't pay attention to you. Why can't he see that you love him more than they will ever? What happens when you confess? Does he accept your feelings or rejects them?

This is sort of a Osomatsu x reader x Choromatsu :3 because Osomatsu has a crush on you too~ Hehe I labeled the lemon part just in case any of you all want to skip it or something. Alright! That's all! This is mostly fluff! 

Note: This story will have two endings ;) one where you choose Choromatsu and the other where you choose Osomatsu~ huehue you decide who you want to choose! (Osomatsu story out!!)

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DamperWolf DamperWolf Sep 16
I got picked over a bratty fish girl. SCREW YOU TOO RISINGFAPPYSKI
WeeaboLuckyBanana WeeaboLuckyBanana 3 days ago
Godamnit the only ones I really want is kara Ichi and Jyushi
                              WHAT ANIME WAS IT?!?!?!
mongopuppy mongopuppy Jun 01
I'm not really the kind of person to confess my feeling I ignore them...heh
"Wanting you was a complete waste of my damn time!~"-Cyber diva 2k17 (I LOVE YOU CYBER,.3.)
His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
                              There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti