The Author, the Wight, and the Fangirls

The Author, the Wight, and the Fangirls

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Thot-Free Zone By MidgeTheSmidge Updated Apr 02


Tim Burton - one of the last surviving wights after the Battle of Devil's Acre. Now, he's using his big name to get in on a movie deal with Ransom Riggs. But Ransom doesn't know about Burton's secret plans to carry on Caul Bentham's legacy.

The fangirls, however, are suspicious of Burton's motives. How could such a great film maker suddenly put seemingly no effort into the adaptation of such a brilliant novel? And why is Ransom so blind to all the signs? While Burton is tricking Ransom, a group of passionate readers set out to Florida to warn the peculiars about what is happening - and maybe even save peculiardom in the process.

DISCLAIMER: This story is not meant to offend anybody! It is purely meant to be satirical. All rights to Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children go to Ransom Riggs. Yes, I am aware that Tim Burton is not ACTUALLY a cannibalistic monster. Dude needs to lose the sunglasses when he's talking about the peculiar children, though.

is it bad I'm laughing at the fact all the fangirl pics are sims
When your a Hamilton fan and you hear the last name Reynolds (runs around the house screaming) NEVER GON BE PRESIDENT NOW
Actually now that I think about it I do belive that Tim Burton is a wight lol!! He's evil for ruining the novel for so many ppl. (Except me I will always love the novels!!!:) :) :) ;)
midnight_amw midnight_amw Sep 18, 2016
"Going in blind would be suicide!"
                              Dudes, you all look like your a bunch of blind guys anyway!
                              (I don't mean to offend anyone is any way; Bird knows I have horrible eyesight)
On_puppet_strings On_puppet_strings Sep 17, 2016
The description made me laugh as soon as I read Tim and Wight 😂
midnight_amw midnight_amw Sep 18, 2016
You know you're a fangirl when you are sitting on a pile of blankets in your closet on your phone in the middle of a great day, reading this on Wattpad... fake Tim-Burton-is-a-wight conspiracies!