The Author, the Wight, and the Fangirls

The Author, the Wight, and the Fangirls

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Midge By MidgeTheSmidge Updated Apr 02, 2017


This story has been rated W for Weird as Hell. You have been warned.

Tim Burton - one of the last surviving wights after the Battle of Devil's Acre. Now, he's using his big name to get in on a movie deal with Ransom Riggs. But Ransom doesn't know about Burton's secret plans to carry on Caul Bentham's legacy.

The fangirls, however, are suspicious of Burton's motives. How could such a great film maker suddenly put seemingly no effort into the adaptation of such a brilliant novel? And why is Ransom so blind to all the signs? While Burton is tricking Ransom, a group of passionate readers set out to Florida to warn the peculiars about what is happening - and maybe even save peculiardom in the process.

DISCLAIMER: This story is not meant to offend anybody! It is purely meant to be satirical. All rights to Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children go to Ransom Riggs. Yes, I am aware that Tim Burton is not ACTUALLY a cannibalistic monster. Dude needs to lose the sunglasses when he's talking about the peculiar children, though.

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thereadingravenclaw thereadingravenclaw May 11, 2017
is it bad I'm laughing at the fact all the fangirl pics are sims
AirDryClay AirDryClay Jul 08, 2017
When your a Hamilton fan and you hear the last name Reynolds (runs around the house screaming) NEVER GON BE PRESIDENT NOW
Peculiar_Child_13 Peculiar_Child_13 Feb 19, 2017
Actually now that I think about it I do belive that Tim Burton is a wight lol!! He's evil for ruining the novel for so many ppl. (Except me I will always love the novels!!!:) :) :) ;)
--abigxil --abigxil Sep 18, 2016
"Going in blind would be suicide!"
                              Dudes, you all look like your a bunch of blind guys anyway!
                              (I don't mean to offend anyone is any way; Bird knows I have horrible eyesight)
On_puppet_strings On_puppet_strings Sep 17, 2016
The description made me laugh as soon as I read Tim and Wight 😂
--abigxil --abigxil Sep 18, 2016
You know you're a fangirl when you are sitting on a pile of blankets in your closet on your phone in the middle of a great day, reading this on Wattpad... fake Tim-Burton-is-a-wight conspiracies!