Back To BillDip

Back To BillDip

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Belle D. Cipher By -Belle_Cipher- Updated Jul 08

Dipper and Mabel left at the end of the summer for their hometown, Piedmont. 

The end of the summer means Back To School. 

When the bullies start picking on Dipper, a mysterious blonde intervenes. 

This mysterious blonde turns out to be the infamous Bill Cipher, in human form!

Disclaimer: Gravity Falls belongs to the future ruler of the multiverse, Alex Hirsch! Not me!

newgalmeow newgalmeow May 01
օƙ wօw ʈɦis is sօօօօ wɑყ ɠօօɖ! i Ɩuѵ iʈ i ʄeeƖ Ɩiƙe i'ɱ ʈɦere wiʈɦ ʈɦeɱ Ɩiƙe i ɠօ ʈօ ʈɦere sʗɦօօƖ օr sօɱeʈɦiɳɠ. ყօur ɑwesօɱe ɑʈ wriʈiɳɠ! 🐈
Meowface64 Meowface64 Jun 06
At the school I go to we aren't allowed to carry our bags around so there's a lot of back and forth
*when you know a guy you really hate named Nicholas but since you moved to another country you haven't seen him since first grade so everything is cool*
Your Dipper Pines for crying out loud, is there more to be said.
Sakura_nyan Sakura_nyan Jul 20
Don't worry Dipper,  I've got the worth birthmark in the Earth. A lot of years ago some girls were "witches" because they have the same birthmark as mine 😅