The Reaper's Blessing (Grelliam x Child!Reader)

The Reaper's Blessing (Grelliam x Child!Reader)

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Kibasu By kibasu Updated Jan 28

Since the completion of the final exam in the 1780s, Grell and William only gradually got closer and closer. One would be surprised since they are just so different. However, those differences only brought only made them two in one.

It took a long time, but the loving couple finally tied the knot and get married in 1997. Just as things are about to settle, a precious child that just so happens to be you come to their life.

Typically, children live with their mom and dad. Otherwise they live with their aunt and uncle or grandparents. However, since you just happened to be blessed with two fathers, how will life be being raised by the flamboyant Grell and a stoic William?

Cover by SweetLittleVampire on DeviantArt.

All credit goes to the creators of Kuroshitsuji and the person who created this fan art. I own nothing.

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YukiStupeoSlingby YukiStupeoSlingby Oct 15, 2017
Grell honey, we need to revisit your high school biology lessons.....
raiden1604 raiden1604 Jun 28, 2017
if their married , why does william still call grell sutcliff ? or did williams last name change? or maybe william is used to calling grell sutcliff
Kuruku134 Kuruku134 Mar 08
this made me laugh because  when i was a kid i was actually very quite even as a baby i only cried like 2 times as a baby and 10 times for personal  reasons other than that im quite
fuadib fuadib Feb 14
Everyone pls read my book super human in the mists don't forget to vote and follow me pls
Candymiku Candymiku Mar 16, 2017
Am I the only one. Asking myself, why is will still calling grell ,Sutcliffe   if they are married you think he'd ad least call him.Grell the majority of the time