The Asylum --Zanvis--

The Asylum --Zanvis--

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Log 001-
My name is Travis Valkrum. I have recently started work at a asylum, far from civilization on a dark island called Craftia, but the locals call it 'The Cursed Land'. This Asylum I have started work at holds the most Insane, Crazy, Wickedest people you will ever stop near. 

Why? Why I'm working here? Many reasons. Reasons you don't need to know. Why I'm writing this? Like I said, this is a horrible place to be, and the deal is... when you first come here, and start fulltime work, you sign a waver that any deaths that happen here sent held to the asylum. 

So, if I die I'lol be forgotten and I don't want that. But right now, I have patients to treat. 
                                                                        -Travis Valkrum

Gummy-Panda Gummy-Panda Sep 27
Hope this isn't any trouble, but you spelled torture wrong in the end... unless thats how you'd like to spell it ^-^
Well your not single yeeet... XD also single Pringle for days!!! Except Travis... XD
                              sorry I didn't mean to get mad at you, I'm Zane's fan and don't forget about his hair ON THE RIGHT EYE