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In a Dark Moon(ON HOLD)

In a Dark Moon(ON HOLD)

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Pinksoda231 By Pinksoda231 Updated Jun 14, 2014

"Helena, I know you are in here." I stopped breathing. 

Do not breathe. Do not breathe, I chanted to myself. 

I listened very hard for a sound as to where he was. There. To my left. I heard a faint click. 

I turned my head very, very slowly. 

There was nothing there. Had I hallucinated? It wouldn't be the first time I thought. I moved my eyes around the space but only saw darkness. 

Relieved I made a small sound. 

Big mistake. 

I tried my hardest not to scream as his dark figure landed in front of me. His back to me, he stood in front of the window, where the moonlight streamed in and made a soft glow around his lean, slightly muscled body. I saw his shoulders lift as he inhaled. 

I held my breath and prayed he didn't turn around. 

My prayers were not answered. 

As he slowly turned around, I saw on his face, the seductive smile he had. He looked at me with a slightly mocking expression in his eyes as he started towards me.  

"Why did you run away? Hmm?" he purred as he neared me and grabbed my wrist, "Why would you run away from your dear husband? Why would you little Helena?" 

He smirked a cruel smile that showed his teeth. His dark eyes seemed to look into my mind and see every secret that I held inside. He looked me up and down, then licked his lips.

I looked into his eyes and saw an expression of contained hunger. My conscious was yelling at me to run but my legs wouldn't move. I stood frozen, mesmerized by his dark, pupil-less eyes.  

"Do you know what I am Helena?" he asked softly. I just looked at him, even though I knew. 

I knew he was not of this world. Not even of this dimension. 

He was something entirely different. 

He smiled that vicious smile and bent down towards my lips.

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romy_slijntje romy_slijntje Jun 13, 2017
No doubt she is beautiful. 
                              Off topic but am I the only person with dark-brown reddish hair and dark-brown eyes who finds it sorta "weird and unusual" to see or imagine someone with different colored hair and eyes?
horansbish horansbish Dec 19, 2016
katROvacer katROvacer Nov 27, 2013
Update please :) in love with your story I'm completely blown away!!