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Edwald Nygmobblepot One-Shots

Edwald Nygmobblepot One-Shots

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Lauren Mazy By InfernoFrost Updated Feb 16

Warning: some mature content. (not all mature, though!)Just some one-shots I decided to write in my spare time about the greatest ship I've seen in my life, and thought I would share with the world :P
    I may have gone a little crazy this summer watching Gotham for the first time and now I've pretty much sacrificed my life to shipping Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot, much to the horror of my friends and family. 
    Also, feel free to send me topic ideas/prompts of any kind you want. I'm planning to focus on fluffy-feely stuff mostly (idk exactly what to call it) and I definitely won't guarantee that I'll write whatever you tell me, but I would love to hear ideas and will give credit where credit is due.
    My friends @unicorn-kitty1234 made a "Supernatural" fanfiction, @Ukulele_Screamo21 made a "Maximum Ride" fanfiction, and @trixy-kitty1402 made an "Arrow" fanfiction. Check them out! ^_^
    The cover is just a random thing me and my friend came up with. When I needed a cover I couldn't think of anything better. X'D
    someone started a petition to make edward and oswald canon! 
    copy and paste this to your browser to sign! -

oh won't you staaaaaaaaaaay with me because you're all i need.
Spookina Spookina Nov 04, 2016
Oh thank god!  I'm not the only person who thinks they should be an item!  None of my friends watch Gotham, so they were so confused when I was screaming about Ed sinking my ship. XD
InfernoFrost InfernoFrost Nov 04, 2016
oh trust me youre not alone! ive been shipping them since their first scene together to be honest. :P meanwhile my two friends that watch with me...not so much. theres even a chat room on skype for people who want them to be together. (and the petition has over 50 signatures already)
InfernoFrost InfernoFrost Nov 21, 2016
XD it was started after season three aired, so the writers must have time travelled to see it or something. :P im not going to complain