I wish you could see me~ [BoyXBoy]   ( Daniel's Story from Unexpected)

I wish you could see me~ [BoyXBoy] ( Daniel's Story from Unexpected)

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NOTE: If you have not read Unexpected-(Sequel to I'll Make you Beg  , Read it or this might not make sense.
    It's been thirteen years and everyone is all grown up. With Daniel only being 15, he is always called the baby. Everyone always tries to protect him. But he hates the fact that the one that still sees him as the baby is the one that matters the most. Cameron.. 
    All Daniel wishes for is that Cameron wouldn't see him as the baby but see him as Daniel, the boy that loves him.  Will Cameron finally see through everything? Or Will Daniel give up and move on?
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Eonarc Eonarc Aug 29, 2015 06:08AM
haha nick. get it? cause kim pretended to be nick once? okay i'll stop laughing since it was a sad moment then...ok bye
barbiecutie101 barbiecutie101 Aug 13, 2015 05:02AM
Aww poor Daniel but I think Daniel going to be gay like his dad
Thaloy Thaloy Jun 23, 2015 07:18AM
Mr.Cellophane (from Chicago.... The movie/play) just came into my mind
wait is he waiting contacts or is he just kool and has those eyes and hair
noname132000 noname132000 May 26, 2015 03:22PM
didn't kim acted as she was a boy named nick which "made belli forget" in unexpected
and Bellador had a midnight blue Mustang...I'm freaken dieing here