Tomtord:The Year Plain

Tomtord:The Year Plain

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Mele By Theprinceofgay Updated 3 days ago

The cover is by princeofmints or tentacle feast or fuckboy-tom but there all the same person follow all those blogs if you like the art and if you know then shout me out brah and I'll throw in a fucking gay scene (I was gonna do it anyway) but  follow his tumblr

Also if you follow the blog you will the the fucking heights that I wanted them to be if not R  I  P

Story summary:

Edd, Matt, and Tom live there days doing things they do best yea Tord left there life but who cares right? SIKE bitch you thought Tord shows up saying he needs a place to stay for a year then he'll leave there life's forever since it edds house Hecate do whatever he wants and says he can stay, Matt still doesn't know who the fuck Tord his, and Tom couldn't give a damn. Over the past months the guys get closer and closer to becoming friends again even Tom starts to feel...something for him but he's not sure .What's gonna happen with in this year you guys oooooh

(Yo ya gonna hate me for this but IMMA say Tord has a ex boyfriend named Troye  might explain a back story who knows)

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