It's Not The Same Without You [Joshler]

It's Not The Same Without You [Joshler]

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Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun were best friends in Kindergarden. That's when Tyler started calling Joshua "Josh" because he couldn't get the last part of his name right. All through elementary school, they were in-separate-able. It was the world against them. In middle school, they were still best friends. They gave each other advice  about girls they liked, breakups they got through, and they loved one thing: playing music together. Josh loved the drums, and Tyler loved the piano, ukulele, guitar, singing and rapping. In freshman year of high school, things got stressful. They weren't put in the same classes, and they barley had time to see each other because of the amount of work they got each day. Tyler also joined basketball for the school team. He became popular. Josh stuck to doing things on his own, like playing the drums. He didn't have much friends. He wasn't popular. The popularity of Tyler, the amount of friends he had, and how he never had time to see Josh made the two of them slowly drift apart. The friends Tyler had had started to make Tyler different. He wasn't as nice as he used to be, he didn't care as much about seeing Josh, and sometimes, he even listened to his friends who asked him why he was ever friends with Josh. 

To make it worse, Josh ends up feeling differently about Tyler. He can't be without him, but he feels like he likes Tyler... more than that friend way that they used to have. The days without Tyler by Josh's side is hard, and Josh doesn't know what to do.

Tyler is always on Josh's mind.

Josh is never on Tyler's mind... according to Josh, at least.

traashie traashie Jul 10
EVERYONE CHILL i think this person who writes this book knows that jyler is tylers and jennas ship name and joshler is joshs and tylers ship name, bye
Yo this was LEGIT the first thing I said when I went to kindergarten because I didn't go to pre-k so I didn't really no what school was like. Now I'm 13. Time fly fast