Sharing A House with The EXO

Sharing A House with The EXO

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Lee Kim Jing, a senior of Chung An High School. She is from a rich family. But she is not your normal rich kid daughter, she is very funny and kind and not bratty or spoilt. No one knows about her family wealth. 

And here we have Sehun, a senior of Chung An High School too. He is in EXO, the famous group of boys that are well-liked by the students and even the teachers. This actually made him a player in his school. Even so, girls still fall for his charms. 

But Kim Jing hates Sehun. He is just an annoying pest to her. 

What will happen if the EXO stayed in Kim Jing house? Will Kim Jing fall for any EXO members? 

(A/N: All EXO members will be starring in this book (: )

Raynism Raynism Jun 05, 2017
I read SHOOK...... wow I'm such trash but at least my Kpop friends say that I'm golden trash 😂😂😂
exolblinkyo exolblinkyo Sep 23, 2017
The school knows it...
                              Then isn't it like almost all the people around her know that she's rich?
99_XiuminYoongi 99_XiuminYoongi Sep 11, 2017
Well I Think It's Freaking Good That Oh Sehun Is Always Noticing You Even Though You Always Ignore Him And I Think He Like You #NewCouple HAhahaahah
jnnbprggnn jnnbprggnn Mar 01
i remember studying hyponyms (the name of groupings like banana and apple are fruit) and the teacher gave an example like Harvard and Yale and another one (i forgot) and i answered "inescapable prison called hell"
CaratCarrots CaratCarrots Jun 28, 2016
This is wat happens when you're rich af.. steak in the morning wooowwww
CaratCarrots CaratCarrots Jun 28, 2016
Is her place like the house Barbie lives in in "Barbie life in the dreamhouse?" Omona O.O