Sweden X Depressed! Reader - Birds

Sweden X Depressed! Reader - Birds

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Leah By Meowkies Updated 3 days ago

(F/N) was never so good at making friends, so when the opportunity that she can befriend one of her classmates is opened up to her, she takes it, pulling her into an unforgettable friendship. Though after her childhood years with her childhood friends, her father receives a new job offer and (F/N) is forced to move breaking the links she'd made. After many years, when (F/N) is older and alone with her bad skills at making friends, she is surprised to see two familiar faces again...

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This story includes depressing and sometimes suicidal thoughts depending on where I take the story, if you're sensitive to that kind of stuff please don't read, thank you!!

Feel better! Also please update I NEED THIS IN MAH LONELY LIFE
The first time I opened this chapter Wattpad glitches out and I literally said calm your tits to a book
So goood! All your stories are so interesting! Keep up the awesome (cough, cough more awesome then Prussia) work!!