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Those Who Burn Brightest

Those Who Burn Brightest

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Tria By Gulduwen Updated Jan 18, 2011

The Ingonish have long been invaders in a land not there own. Having attacked the westering continent with its rich and prosperous land and overcome the native Gry and  Gau peoples with weapons far surpassing their own. The only thing seeming to stand in their way were the An'Anu. Great warriors bonded to bright beasts of the sky with fire in their jaws and sunlight in their scales, the disciples of the great gods Aten and Olam. With the spirit-sword wielding Camarin at their side it seemed that hope had dawned for the native peoples of the land. But Olam decreed it not to be, for at their height in majesty and greatness, the An' Anu vanished. Many Gry and Gau, thinking themselves abandoned, surrendered to the Ingonish while others, believing the An'Anu to have flown to the great strongholds in the treacherous and mysterious outer lands left, never to be seen again. There had been a great train built in ages past that had connected all the strongholds of the outer lands but now this strength was a curse and the few faithful who had bided their time under Ingonish rule managed to bury it at the southern most point of the country at the edge of the abyss. Now the descendants of those faithful have decided the time has come to rise up against their oppressors and take the long journey north once more.

jimrileyenlight jimrileyenlight Feb 27, 2013
Hello again!  In case you've forgotten I reviewed your story  awhile back.  I mistakenly wiped out my Wattpad page after that.  But I'm back with a new story. 
Gulduwen Gulduwen Jun 21, 2012
@wordweaver It's so nice to have a fan that doesn't hate me for not posting for a year ^^' thanks so much.
Gulduwen Gulduwen Jun 21, 2012
@wordweaver I'm a she ^^ but thats really helpful and I will try to keep that in mind when I finally figure out this next part. Inner dialogue is something I've practiced so I should be better at it now. Anyway thankyou for the advice and support.
Gulduwen Gulduwen Jan 17, 2011
@NoMe12 Yeah he does have his reasons, probably more than I can think of right now but the ones I have are enough to go on for now ^^; theres alot of characters rumbling around in my head at the moment O_o Thanks alot for the vote :) 
NoMe12 NoMe12 Jan 17, 2011
thts was interesting i find it weird that he jsut gave up when he was winning but eh he has his reasons 
                              but i liked it so you got my vote
Gulduwen Gulduwen Jan 16, 2011
@equinelover909 thanks thats really useful to know, I was sort of trying out an abstract writing style which might have gone a bit to far so its good to know never to do it again =) thanks alot for commenting