Relying on a stranger (Yoongi x Reader)

Relying on a stranger (Yoongi x Reader)

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-Short story-

Because of a big lie your small village Sinesta has been casted away by the kingdom Sovaria. The king was a young men who was 2 years older then you. This has been like this for years, you did hear a story that there was another young king before him, but you didnt really care about it. Ever since then you have been robbing different kingdoms and from royals to help out your own village. But you were sick of it, you couldt do this forever. There was a myth about a godess names Ciel. She would grant one person on this whole earth one wish no matter what it was. A lot of people went in search for her. People started killing others and even small wars broke out in order to be the first to find her. Eventually people just gave up. Some said it was all just a lie and she didnt existed. Some went in search for her and didnt even return. You actually believed in the myth and decided to go search for her. One day before your journey would start you got chased by some guards. A guy appeared and helped you out. Instead of showing graduatute you ended up taking interest in a amulet he wore. You stole it from him and it seemed to be very special to him. A idea popped into your mind. The guy agreed to accompany you on your journey and keep you safe in return for the amulet afterwards. Would you find Ciel and bring brightness to your village again? And the most important question could you rely on him? Rely on a stranger.

Cover made by : @GoldenMaknae_21

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