If You Hold On Tight

If You Hold On Tight

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AuraAurora By AuraAurora Updated May 15, 2016

The werewolves have taken over. 


Eighteen-year-old Dakota Marrings lives in a world where werewolves are no longer hiding and their identities are known. They have created their own nation: Éthnos Lycánthro̱pos

And once every year, humans are allowed to sign up and venture into the lycan territory.  Along with her best friend Lainey, Dakota will cross into Éthnos and fall into a world she's never known before. 

But the rules are different here. She is the mate to the Prime Alpha's Heir--the most powerful lycanthrope in the world and he will stop at nothing to claim his little mate.

But in this dangerous land a war is brewing, and Dakota will be forced to make a choice and choose a side.

To survive, Dakota must hold on tight because in this place, where beasts run rampant, Dakota just might lose herself.

Cover by: Allysa Andrea

Highest rankings: #143 in Werewolf

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nicetobehyde nicetobehyde Mar 03, 2016
I'm in math right now and the teacher is playing a sad instrument song with a lot of flute and it went a little to well with what's going on here
FucckingTrash FucckingTrash Dec 24, 2016
Every time i read minnesota i hear liza saying it in that strane accent.
MadBrilliant MadBrilliant Mar 05, 2016
It's kinda terrible to leave your best friend to be overtaken by werewolves, too.
loadingnowbro loadingnowbro Oct 18, 2015
- - Oct 18, 2015
I still love it can't wait for the next update. Hope you put TCHA back up here as well.
Lizlovegood12 Lizlovegood12 Oct 17, 2015
Are you rewriting this again? :D This story was one of my favorites, I'm glad you are writing again!