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Book 2 in Kidnapped Series

Nathaniel Jaymes Harden (Nate), rich, good looks, and kind at heart. But when the only girl he's ever love weds another man, he decides to seek revenge against the man that took away his happiness, and what better way to do it than taking away the only other girl the man love most, his sister, Lillianna Nina Chambers (Lillie) and to use the exact same method the man used against his first love: kidnap.


When Lillie feels the rope drop from her wrists, she quickly brought her aching arms around her and examines the red mark on her delicate skin, gently rubbing at them. 

Pouting her lips, she swirls around to him and inches her wrists closer to him. "Look what you've done!" the pout never leaving her lips.

Just one look at her puckered delectable lips and a growl erupts from Nate's throat. Within a flash, his large hands grab hold of each side of her face, the tips of his fingers lost within her soft brown hair. He brought their faces only inches apart. She can see the fiery hunger burning deep within the depths of blue. She can feel herself slowly getting lost in his intense gaze. 

"Your body's been teasing me all day," his voice low and husky sending a pleasurable jolt down to her core, "and now your lips are begging me to kiss them."

He slams his lips down on hers hard, needy and hungrily.

Book 1: The Mistake

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cutemonti cutemonti Sep 16, 2016
When you said that your going to start this story in november, my heart sank but after reading the next line i am soooo happyyy....can't wait update soon dear.