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Body Language

Body Language

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Summer By rosenblute Updated Nov 28, 2016

Dayu's heart was racing, the heavy drumming almost echoing in his own ears. He prayed that Wang Qing couldn't hear it and continued on casually, as if it were nothing. 
  "I'm just taking your lead. You said that anyone would do, so I though it might as well be me."
  "Ahh.. ahh... unn..."
  Wang Qing thrust in deep from behind. Dayu gripped the sheets. Wang Qing thrust deeply into him once more.
  Yups! I'm back!! Alive...
  I'm still alive yoo~
  So, bringing you a remake novel from Morimoto Aki sensei with same title Body Language...
  It's an old novel, publish in 2008 if I'm not wrong, and I just love this story and having it as a remake for QingYu will do for now :3

And one thing for you guys, before you can move one!!! they fuck like a rabbits !!!
So, yeah...
Hope you enjoy, maybe?
  ps: I'm telling you.... it's remake!!!!!! with my development...

SinnCatt SinnCatt Mar 13
Believe it was based on a Japanese BL partially graphic novel.
RikaDew RikaDew Sep 23, 2016
How can Dayu believe rumors about Qing when people are saying untrue things about him? Maybe its untrue rumors that Qing is a real jerk. He may be nice.
yaoitaste yaoitaste Oct 03, 2016
Every QinqYu story will get my full attention and awaiting for you updated fighting
rosenblute rosenblute Sep 15, 2016
@musicbeatloves lol! just wait for the first chap then... It's more than the description maybe.. or... not.. xDD
                              who knows :'D
JustCMe JustCMe Oct 27, 2016
It's hard to ignore rumors since they do tend to have some truths to them, they just happen to get more twisted as they grow.
musicbeatloves musicbeatloves Sep 15, 2016
I almost laughed when I saw the description. It was so direct XD~ I'm excited for this.