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Don't Mess With Scott Hoying's Boyfriend

Don't Mess With Scott Hoying's Boyfriend

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Ew!? By Grassi-Hoying Updated 11 hours ago

Scott Hoying is feared by everyone at Martin High School. He's strong, tall, and doesn't give a fuck about what anyone thinks of him. 

Mitch Grassi is well..... A nerd but he certainly doesn't look like one. He's attractive, yes. He gets good grades and is never late. 

But no one messes with him. 


Well I wouldn't mess with Scott Hoying's boyfriend either. 

A/N- contains smut and sensitive subjects. Some mention of self-harm but nothing too triggering.

-liberated -liberated Jan 08
same but I'm Cuban so if I try to skip one of them my ear is coming off from how hard that chancleta hit it
ByeIHaveToGoRead ByeIHaveToGoRead 6 days ago
The only Chris I know is(was?) part of the fantastic foursome (pls don't question the name, I didn't come up with it, the people in it did)
Jewjewbunny Jewjewbunny Dec 01, 2016
Damn Scott, you've really changed from this sweet lil noodle to another person in 0.1 seconds...
TheSup3rFruitFly TheSup3rFruitFly Oct 10, 2016
I'd be the person to laugh but then trip over air and have everyone laugh at me
trinimini02 trinimini02 Oct 02, 2016
R00d (I say as I laugh really hard xD why am I such a horrible person??)
wolfgrrl21 wolfgrrl21 Dec 12, 2016
Remembering the superfruit ep where Mitch said he nailed the bro hug with Scott. And Avi yay!!