Don't Mess With Scott Hoying's Boyfriend

Don't Mess With Scott Hoying's Boyfriend

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KWEEN?! By Grassi-Hoying Updated 4 days ago

Mitch Grassi is nerdy as hell but wait! Before you leave thinking that this is just like any other book, you should know something. 

Mitch Grassi is a nerd, yes. 

But he's never bullied and people actually move out of his way as he walks through halls. 


Well I wouldn't mess with Scott Hoying's boyfriend either. 

But maybe that stupid new boy didn't get the catch. 

Or maybe when his life started to turn on him, it didn't know there was a big muscular jock standing in from of him, blocking its path. 


Trigger Warnings-
•self harm
•talk of smoking 
•homophobic slurs
•heart attack
•car accidents 
•body image issues
•dirty talk 
•coming out struggles 
•talk of tattoos 
•talk of piercings 
•talk of cutting
•talk of scars 

and possibly more. Please don't read if any of this is triggering.

Scotty not cool. Everyone is laughing at this but he's actually being a bully, that's not cool dude.
FandomAcc21 FandomAcc21 Aug 07
I really don't have anyone to do that with... WOOW that sounded sadder than I expected
Rereadinggg even though its not finished but idc i jus love this story
Scott seems like kind of a jerk???? The guy didn't do anything????
I'm trying to find new books to read on my trip, so why not this one
The only Chris I know is(was?) part of the fantastic foursome (pls don't question the name, I didn't come up with it, the people in it did)