Don't Mess With Scott Hoying's Boyfriend

Don't Mess With Scott Hoying's Boyfriend

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KWEEN?! By Grassi-Hoying Updated a day ago

"There isn't anything he wouldn't do to protect her."


Trigger Warnings-
•self harm
•talk of smoking 
•homophobic slurs
•heart attack
•car accidents 
•body image issues
•dirty talk 
•coming out struggles 
•talk of tattoos 
•talk of piercings 
•talk of cutting
•talk of scars 

and possibly more. Please don't read if any of this is triggering.

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Scotty not cool. Everyone is laughing at this but he's actually being a bully, that's not cool dude.
FandomAcc21 FandomAcc21 Aug 07
I really don't have anyone to do that with... WOOW that sounded sadder than I expected
Rereadinggg even though its not finished but idc i jus love this story
Scott seems like kind of a jerk???? The guy didn't do anything????
Grete_ Grete_ Nov 11
Though Avi tried his best to talk to Mitch and strike a conversation, it never really worked because he’s voice is so damn low and he looks intimidating with his jesus-y looks and magnificent beard.
scomiche4 scomiche4 Oct 22
👑BITCH!- *snatches my crown back and slaps you* what we learn?👑