Receiving Another Chance (Book Ten of The Bad Wolf Chronicles)

Receiving Another Chance (Book Ten of The Bad Wolf Chronicles)

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Miss Moffat By WritersBlock039 Updated Jul 13

After the Battle of Trenzalore, the Doctor and Jessie Nightshade, known as the Bad Wolf, live once again after being given new and equal regeneration cycles from the Time Lords. Now they, the Maximoffs, and Clara Oswald can begin adventures again.

But Clara has her own problems to deal with, too. In addition to learning about the new Time Lords, she has her relationship with Pietro, her newfound Inhuman abilities, and new teacher Danny Pink to worry about. But PE teacher Rose Tyler always seems to be there at just the right moment to help her out.

And the Time Lords have their own issues, too. After all, when a place like the Promised Land keeps following you, it's never good. And ever since Sokovia, the Avengers' standing in the world have been more unstable than ever.

What is the Promised Land?

Who exactly is Rose Tyler?

And what challenges closer to home will the Time Lords have to face?

Book Ten of The Bad Wolf Chronicles.


I do not own anything from Doctor Who or MARVEL. Jessie Nightshade aka the Bad Wolf, however, belongs to me; Saleen Harper aka Icicle belongs to Will_of_Fiore; the cover was made by Xx1D_Diana_mcxX.

rayAmess rayAmess Sep 24
I don't wanna go 
                              I don't wanna go on reading this book, I can't move on from the 11s... not yet.
WhitePhenix WhitePhenix 3 days ago
Will they ever run into the Guardians of the Galaxy on one of their adventures? Because that could be interesting and funny.
HalfBlood_of_the_Sea HalfBlood_of_the_Sea Sep 21, 2016
That is one of the best first sentences I've ever read. 😂
y-youtoo y-youtoo Oct 14, 2016
And I fell bad cuz everyone loves Rose and I'm like
                              I don't, I think it was because she literally broke the doctors heart and played Mickey, or maybe it's because she acts just like a girl (that I hate) dies in my class, I just can't stand her. I mean, I love her, just can't stand her
sweetangel3912 sweetangel3912 Sep 21, 2016
ok first I love the cover it is amazing! 2 I am jumping around I am that happy about this book and I cant wait to read it and see what happens in Civil War and everything. I am want back and now reading all The Bad Wolf books again to be up to count and everything.
HiYa_ItsMae HiYa_ItsMae Feb 08
Am I the only one who finds it interesting she's called bad wolf in this but the actress plays red riding hood in OUAT?