It all started when I grabbed his 'CROTCH' !

It all started when I grabbed his 'CROTCH' !

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Andrea By SassyAndBadAssy Updated 3 days ago

"Wanna see something cool?" Stupid Thea ! What ? Is that all you could come up with.

"Um I guess?" He said / asked unsure of what to say.

 Ok Thea deep breaths. Deep breaths. I took a step forward. I could feel my heart beat like a sledgehammer. Huh just quoted fifth harmony. 

Thea focus . I saw Drew give me a questioning look. This is it. I took a step forward , looked at his manhood which.... wow looked nice and big through his jeans . Focus Thea! I extended my left hand and grabbed his CROTCH ! I was still looking at his manhood then I slowly began lifting my eyes. 
Wow nice T-shirt !
When my eyes met his he was
shocked , startled, awe struck, his eyes left their sockets and now were popping out . 

I kept eye contact all the time while counting in my head. 
His face was no longer confused but rather amused and his eyes held mischief. I just shut my eyes. Just two more seconds Thea . You can do this !! 
I instantly pulled back my hand like he had some disease that could spread through contact. I opened my eyes and his eyes still held the mischief . 

Say something Thea ! Anything! 
"Ta da ! Magic " I said . I tried to smile but it came out more like a grimace. God !! So embarrassing.


Everyone knows what magic is right? Have you ever seen a human form of magic whose main trick is grabbing the hottest guy's....umm... man parts?  

Meet Thea Lockwood - Pretty , smart , popular , fun , intelligent and not a good girl whatsoever ( atleast that's what she believes). She has a pretty normal , teenage life or as normal as possible but one incident changes everything .What happens when she is dared to do something ridiculous to someone ridiculously hot !??

Join Thea on this magical (pun intended) journey filled with madness, fun, confusion and tons of laughter and tears.

( Unedited )

(Highest ranking - 21)

(The beginning kinnda sucks but it gets better, trust me)

Quick note from one author to another, change up the beginning of your sentences too many of them start with 'I' or 'I go'
                              It will help better the image created by a reader if you vary your word play
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Overall you have a well built story base but of course there are improvements needed to be done, when are there not, am I right?
@AndreaMathai No problem. Your friend asked me to  :) Do edit this, then I would be able to comment on the story. best of luck^^
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Nov 14
Thea, we dare you to touch this dudes dick, aka crotch I think. XD imma weird aren't I?😂
Dude, you write pretty well, I want you to try my story as know if you have time...i would advertise yours...Crackling Chemistry.. #92 in Humour...check it out