I'm In Love With The Enemy (Lesbian Story)

I'm In Love With The Enemy (Lesbian Story)

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Brianna By StarvingLunatic Completed

21 year old Quinn Tucker, best FBI agent ever, never thought things would end up this bad. She was never supposed to fall in love. She never thought she'd fall for a girl. What makes it worse, the girl is the daughter of the enemy.

Quinn was assigned to go undercover and bring down the city's most powerful mob boss, Robby Daniels. She earns his trust, and gets close to his daughter, Vivian Daniels. What starts out as hate, leads to respect, turned to something more. Jason, one of Robby's sons, is suspicious. Can Quinn overcome her feelings for Vivian? Will she be found out? Will Vivian return Quinn's feelings?

Warning: This story contains violence and drugs

If you do not like any of these warnings, I advise you to not read.

  • angst
  • blood
  • death
  • drugs
  • fbi
  • girlxgirl
  • mob
  • violence
viviene9 viviene9 Aug 07
why am i here lol.i think i like my name now.lol."vivian"❤️😍😬
why!!!!??? why all the books im reading is a sad stoory??!!!
fellouttawinderr fellouttawinderr Dec 27, 2016
kouffuy kouffuy Aug 21, 2016
OH boy now I have to read more chapters to get this point and know what happens after :I
RhanmaJo RhanmaJo Oct 18, 2016
The F*ck ? Is the ending sad??? I she dead or something? I wouldn't waste my time reading if the ending is sad
Kai_Otsutski Kai_Otsutski Mar 24, 2016
Is it really the end? If not it's one of those, 
                              "here's the present, I'm going to rewind to the beginning so you know what's Goin on. When we get to this part, we can go from there."
                              -things, isn't it?