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Our Gaming Love- Corby- Cory x Shelby

Our Gaming Love- Corby- Cory x Shelby

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Luna~Chan29 By Lunannex Updated 4 days ago

Shelby was a sweet and shy girl who didn't really talk that much. She was also a youtuber but one day her cousin, Ross, invited Her to join the offices aka SkyMedia theme she meets a lot of interesting people but one of them stucks out to her a certain blonde, Cory, To be exact. It wasn't until a masquerade party that they began to be closer. He begins to fall for her but will she return those feelings or not? I guess you'll have to read the book to find out

Me all the way then I see that Ship-Con(not real I think) is coming and beg my parents to go.... They always say no... :'(
Max (in Papy voice): I AM THE GREAT PAPYRUS! I SHALL KEEP YOU HERE ENRAPTURED (IDK if thats an actual word) BY PUZZLES!
                              Shelbs: ...
                              Cory: Max do you wanna VA in my new roleplay? (Since in this story the UTRP doesn't exist yet)
Same!!!!!! Just lay in bed and sleep for a week! Actually nvm.... People might think I'm dead..... But dead people sleep all the time!!!
Every damn corby thing I read Ross is Shelby's cousin. Now I'm wondering if that's true
Anyone else getting a Shelby skin vibe? I feel like it's close to what she wears in Minecraft sometimes......
You mean................... THE GREAT PAPYRUS!!!!!!! Watch this!
                              PAPYRUS SUCKS!!!!
                              Sans: *Blows up part of city* WHO. SAID. THAT?!