I Saved Her - Park Jimin ff

I Saved Her - Park Jimin ff

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He gulped hard and started inhaling my neck, "The smell of blood... it reminds me of her. Of how I got on top of her.... Took her body for my own.... Her flesh was so soft to my fingertips.... Oh how I miss it...." He started kissing my neck while tightening his grip, his nails feeling that much sharper, "How I miss seeing the life drain away from her eyes as I choked her to death. She was never as beautiful as she lay lifeless underneath me."

"You killed her.... She's gone...."

"Yes... And now...." he narrowed his eyes and whispered in my ear, "She's mine forever."

This story is from miya_april which she post this ff in http://archiveofourown.org/works/7978327/chapters/18251923  I'm just repost it because this story is really amazing..follow her twitter @miya_april..pls support this ff bcs it's really great..miya_april should be support bcs she deserve it..this story also based on @datjimilly idea..she made a fmv about it..

Wait....if Chim's hands are bigger than hers...how smol r her hands ?!