Sugar' Daddy [ jastin ] | on hold

Sugar' Daddy [ jastin ] | on hold

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" Daddy, No sleepy nigh-nigh. "
 Justin giggles and jumps in his crib as Jason sighs and rubs his temples while sitting on the rocking chair.

" Justin. You're going to give me no choice but to spank that booty of yours if you don't go to sleep, okay? "

" But, daddy.. I'm a good boy.. " Justin frowned and made grabbie hands at Jason.

j-jastin j-jastin Oct 30
👀 make your way to google and search your chill pls. It's missing.
j-jastin j-jastin Oct 30
Me: hoe..... the area code is HOE for the different hoes you keep in em area codes 👀😭😂
                              Jason: who are you tho?
                              Me: 👀*runs*
j-jastin j-jastin Oct 30
👀👀👀👀👀 a van? With tv??? AM I GETTING ADOPTED???
                              Jason: where are you coming from?
                              Me: Justin's boygina when y'all make love
j-jastin j-jastin Oct 30
But like......... I'm considered a baby boy now? 
                              Jason: wasn't talking about you
                              Me: are you cheating on me?
                              Jason: I don't know you? 
                              Me: oh... um... I just haven't come into your life yet *hides*
j-jastin j-jastin Oct 30
So like.... really? A kid? Am I the mother?
                              Jason: no
                              Me: whatever. You ugly anyways
                              Jason: o.O
                              Me: exactly 🖕🏼
j-jastin j-jastin Oct 30
Thought he had a tone of work to do.... me too, Jason, me too 👀