Sugar' Daddy [ jastin ]

Sugar' Daddy [ jastin ]

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°˖✧ ೃ༄ By PastelBiebah Updated Jan 07

" Daddy, No sleepy nigh-nigh. "
 Justin giggles and jumps in his crib as Jason sighs and rubs his temples while sitting on the rocking chair.

" Justin. You're going to give me no choice but to spank that booty of yours if you don't go to sleep, okay? "

" But, daddy.. I'm a good boy.. " Justin frowned and made grabbie hands at Jason.

AmyaCyrus92 AmyaCyrus92 Jan 23
Imagine his saying "got to get going" while grabbing his bag and a hat😍
I'm 10 seconds from showing you how much of a grown ass woman I am
AEunwritten AEunwritten Jan 14
Haaa he wants to be bent over and thrusted into fiercely 😂😂👌
SocietyExposed SocietyExposed 5 days ago
There's something I don't understand. In Ddlb stories such as this one, is Justin pretending to be the submissive or is he psychologically like this and acts like a child ? SOMEONE help IM CLUELESS
AmyaCyrus92 AmyaCyrus92 Jan 23
Harold is such a go-to butler name like when I doubt name a butler Harold