No Homo (Hamilton)

No Homo (Hamilton)

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hamiltrash By friendshipisweird Updated Jan 01

Modern AU! 

    When Alexander Hamilton shows up to high school as the new kid, he meets a very strange trio of dudes and a slight crush on one of his companions. 

   And John Laurens absolutely does not like Alexander. 

   No homo, am I right? 

*Language warning 
*Some light themes at points, but I'll warn you before hand

I don't own the cover art and I don't know who did it

Ripplesarestable Ripplesarestable 6 days ago
"You're better be joking" boi thats so grammatically incorrect I think I JUST DIED
Alexander5510 Alexander5510 a day ago
Lol I imagine him awkwardly laughing and then just *HUGE COUGH OF DEPRESSION* MKAY LE*puberty screech*TS GO
_Smiley_Trashbag_ _Smiley_Trashbag_ Dec 03, 2016
Lol my child did good
                              Getting in fights on his first day
                              Good job my nugget
                              Oh you too Macaroni Whore-
                              BUT NUGGET GOOD JOB!
CandyRaid CandyRaid Dec 17, 2016
"Did you die recently, because you look like an angel to me"
                              lAURENS LEADS A SOLDIER'S CHORUS ON THE OTHER SIDE
                              --okay excuse me while I cry-
goldenlaurens goldenlaurens 4 days ago
okay but is anyone else concerned that angelica is PINK and eliza is BLUE
The OTHER one? Man, Peggy is the least problematic person in the whole musical. Give her some credit.