No Homo (Hamilton)

No Homo (Hamilton)

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hamiltrash By friendshipisweird Updated May 21, 2017

Modern AU! 

    When Alexander Hamilton shows up to high school as the new kid, he meets a very strange trio of dudes and a slight crush on one of his companions. 

   And John Laurens absolutely does not like Alexander. 

   No homo, am I right? 

*Language warning 
*Some light themes at points, but I'll warn you before hand

I don't own the cover art and I don't know who did it

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sparkleselfie sparkleselfie Dec 07, 2017
When I went to a new school I didn't have all my friend's numbers nor was I in the group chat till like February 😂 Oh I was so awkward
My high score on flappy birds was 99...yes NINTY-NINE!! I just no. I chucked my phone on the ground afterwards
whereithappens whereithappens Dec 25, 2017
marie-joseph paul yves roch gilbert du motier de la fayette, marquis de la fayette
                              i did that from memory because i have no friends
OfTheDeadAndWicked OfTheDeadAndWicked Oct 09, 2017
Wait? Henry is nice in this fanfic? John deserves good parents so this makes me happy. Or is this just a distraction and he's a real jerk?
xXBoneXx xXBoneXx Oct 24, 2017
I'd probably do this sorta s h I t
                              Is that a mirror on your pants? Cause I can see myself in them.
CanadianMapleLeaf CanadianMapleLeaf Dec 29, 2017
Oh thank goodness! I thought it was Jefferson and I was freaking out.