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*Teenage* Zim x Reader

*Teenage* Zim x Reader

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a no one with serious anxiety By AngeredIrken03 Updated Jan 29

This is a result of me daydreaming in class and jotting crap down, even though I can't write for shit. 
I'm also just gonna say this now; I will be bringing some shit down on IZ ships in general eventually so please don't take offense to it. I'm completely fine with ships being there but I don't ship any of 'em lol. 
Did I mention I can't write for shit? Yeah take that warning. 
OTHER WARNING! I literally cannot keep a cover. It is changed nonstop and I apologize. It's usually changed depending on how the book is currently. 
(Also I forgot how much of an angry little cinnamon roll Zim was so he got out of character for a bit but I'm trying to fix it lol sorry my bad.) 

I seriously cannot write for shit. Don't read this.

MissOzilForeverArs MissOzilForeverArs Nov 12, 2016
I do think the same of this shitty world... (with exceptions of course)
Echo-chan101 Echo-chan101 Oct 29, 2016
Omg this is my opinion on humanity EXACTLY 
                              Don't worry everyone on Wattpad is cool.
Z-lucky Z-lucky Dec 04, 2016
I would flip out inside and fangirl if this actually happened
Tikitoitoi Tikitoitoi Sep 16, 2016
Seriously, that's a HUGE FUCKIN PROBLEM. Only my brother's math teacher knows what it is. And my friends, cause O never shut up about it
- - Nov 15, 2016
None of my friends know the show! Actually no one at my freakin' school knows invader zim
tobi_likes_turtlez tobi_likes_turtlez Dec 15, 2016
Saaaame I owned all the seasons since I was 3 years old on DVD xD