P.S. I hate you! (lesbian story)

P.S. I hate you! (lesbian story)

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KhaleesiH By KhaleesiH Completed

Isabelle Parrier seemingly has everything, she is beautiful, has handsome boyfriend and is the most popular girl in her high school. But she is also cold and conniving, and does everything she wants. Everyone in her school is trying not to get on her bad side, because she has ways of destroying people through her vicious schemes. Elisa Brown seems to always persevere, despite Isabelle's efforts to bring her down. Isabelle hates Elisa with burning passion, sometimes for the reasons unknown even to her.

Elisa is kind and gentle. She quickly rose to the ranks of second popular girl not only because of her breathtaking beauty but also because she wins people over with her incredible charisma and gentle soul. Elisa isn't really intimidated by Isabelle and rather curious of the reasons of Isabelle's animosity towards her. 

Is there something more behind Isabelle's hate towards Elisa? What will happen when she breaches the threshold of Elisa's patience?

This book contains adult content, parental caution is advised.


Copyright © 2013 by KhaleesiH. All rights reserved.

Cover made by: AloneInWonderland

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Krutaris Krutaris Mar 31
arrowlight101905 arrowlight101905 5 days ago
“Well you know me, I spent all my time going to local bars, hung out with random girls and brung them over to my house.”
Am I the only one who thought of Lexa & Lauren at same time ? .....Damn I am crushed in multifandom
Replace the word ‘hate’ with ‘love’
                              There u go.
                              THE END 
                              Wow I’m lame
This sounds like you think about her body a little to much to be straight
Am I crazy for being attracted to crazy manipulative bitches like her 😂