Girl in Green (Squeal to Partner?!) [SERIES: DISCONTINUED]

Girl in Green (Squeal to Partner?!) [SERIES: DISCONTINUED]

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Nun By Danti_Lover Updated Oct 19, 2016


Sam. A girl who loves books and has an adventure with characters she loves and makes in her mind. Her father abused her, her mother having to protect her every time she's hurt. She was taken to an orphanage when her mother was put into a hospital and died.

Tim. A boy who never knew his parents and meets Sam in the terribly mean orphanage. He loves her. But when she ran away from the orphanage, he will leave and try to find her, since she's the only thing that's keeping him going.

Which was ten years ago...since then...

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Beccaplier2004 Beccaplier2004 Apr 26, 2017
I want this priest!!!! That would be me, and @divergentrunner250!!!! CAN WE GET THIS PRIEST??!!
Cutenekokitty Cutenekokitty Apr 13, 2017
So Jack is still and always will be the life of the party, no matter where it is, or what kind. Be it quite little girls party, he would still be the life of it, or a funeral.
                              Sorry I got dark.
Karalyn_k Karalyn_k Sep 05, 2017
I bet 20 with my bro for that's going to be future me😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆
SarahRandazzo SarahRandazzo Jan 24, 2017
I lost it when they said jack walked in, wearing a dress😂😂😂😂😂😂
iloveGUACOMOLE5 iloveGUACOMOLE5 Jan 07, 2017
This reminds me of Warfstache, how he talks, not the abusing part.
RyanBenjaminRose RyanBenjaminRose Oct 16, 2016
I was so surprised when you said a dress and not a suit but who cares?! This is Jack's style in this story! ;p