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My Butler Mate

My Butler Mate

422K Reads 15.2K Votes 42 Part Story
Brianna By BriLynnbooks Completed

She loved him, but he didn't love her.

She wanted him, but he didn't want her.

She always told him the truth, but he wouldn't believe her. 

She told herself he would be happier without her, he kept lying to himself. 


Two werewolves. Two hearts. One bond. And a pack history that may destroy it.

OhitikaMasters OhitikaMasters Sep 14, 2016
There we go, laying down the rules before giving us the story. :)
scardin scardin Jan 13
Glad to find your new account   Good luck and thanks  I enjoy your stories
acheairs acheairs Sep 15, 2016
Thank goodness because I can never understand how a relationship would even truly survive it.
xoxodemonlover xoxodemonlover Sep 17, 2016
Why don't you finish the books you already have on your other account this really sucks I thought you were a good writer devoted to your books but I guess I was wrong I'm not trying to be rude but if you leave an account with multiple books unfinished don't you think that you should finish them?
nerdygirldirection nerdygirldirection Oct 30, 2016
Hey guys I'd like to advertise this book called 'My Butler Mate' this is a really great story and it already has 200K something reads and I want it to have millions of reads. Hope you read it thanks.
ImOnlyTheQueen ImOnlyTheQueen Nov 05, 2016
Thank goodness. I always get bad luck with a cheating story, and I'm always so upset at the end of the books.😊 you have my respect.