Youtuber Fanfiction - The Six | The Journey | Book #1

Youtuber Fanfiction - The Six | The Journey | Book #1

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Who would have known that a princess, a guard in training, a thief, and three simple townspeople would form a powerful group? 

Max, Lizzie, Jess, Adam, Shelby and Ross are teenagers of the Lima Kingdom, when they are suddenly given powers and a task-to find the giver of their powers who will further explain why they were given them and what they must do. In this epic fantasy book, follow The Six as they travel across the world based on pure faith and into the unknown.

{Began Writing ~ 09/18/16 • Ended Writing ~ 11/16/16}

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PhoenixWritesFics PhoenixWritesFics Jan 03, 2017
i appreciate the credit, but next time, could you ask for permission first? i see how you've already written three books so there's really no point in me arguing, but just for future reference.
LxghtMoon LxghtMoon Sep 19, 2016
Sounds like a good book. Pity about 'The Seven', the book 'The Evil' was based off isn't being written anymore.