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Until I Met Her (GxG)

Until I Met Her (GxG)

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Camila By miac203 Completed

I was never the cool girl... Never the centre of attention. Hell, the first party I ever went to, it was because Kelly dragged me to it and I was 17!
Oh, Kelly... Kelly was my first love, my first everything but once we finished high school, we parted ways.
My plans were very clear, go to university, have fun, go to parties, maybe fool around at some point when missing Kelly got too much for me to handle... , I don't know, the typical university life you see in movies.
However, it was nothing like it. I was struggling to keep up with my assignments, with my classes, with all the drama, with the parties, with Kelly, with the people, with Pokemon Go, with everything. I couldn't keep up with anything. 
And then... Eleanor Williams did what she does best.
She came out of nowhere and plant herself in the middle of my world and like a very fucking annoying tree, she set roots and wouldn't move. And then I found myself, God kill me now, enjoying being around Eleanor Williams. I found myself watering the fucking tree even when I knew it'd only make the roots grow deeper until there was no way of removing it. (Yes, sometimes I make very shitty metaphors, you'll get use to it...)
But just because I was, much to my dismay, enjoying Eleanor Williams's company, it didn't mean she wanted me around.

I can already sense that Eleanor is crushing on her XD (I might be wrong)
testfemale testfemale Jun 26
Talking bout a bîtch my  period just  came in like rn 
                              Mother Nature couldn't even give me a warning 
                              I expected some cramps or some  spotting
I wish I had grandma atleast, It would be good if she would be like hers but ya.
If someone even tries to steal my lucky ch- drawings ............  ._.
jellyyybean jellyyybean Mar 19
I hope my grandma would say this when I tell her about everything