The Perfect Gem I Jasper X Reader

The Perfect Gem I Jasper X Reader

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Roxie ロキシー By Dragonrose_firemage Updated Dec 09

You had finally moved to a simple place, a place where you thought nothing would happen. You lived at the other end on the beach, behind a mountain. You went to go outside for some fresh air after a stressful day, only to meet someone... someTHING... you will never forget.


This book is a Jasper from Steven Universe x Reader (That's you!!) Book. Most of the mitirial in this book dose not belong to me, it belongs to either you (Yourself) or Cartoon Network (Steven Universes Universe.) Everything else was made by me. I hope you enjoy this book, cause I'm giving you my hubby/waifu here!



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Wake up-take shower-go to bed.
                              Sounds like what I for my usual summer vacation day
Im fangirling already, i can't stop talking a break every 3 secs to calm myself so i can actually read it. Dear God so much crushing...srry I'm at the peak of fangirling rn.*shrugs appologetically*