Between Dusk and Dawn【1】【Rewrite - Version 2.0】

Between Dusk and Dawn【1】【Rewrite - Version 2.0】

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【🕊✨】 By kjgale Updated Oct 11

❝ ... Throw roses into the abyss and say: 'Here is my thanks to the monsters who didn't succeed in swallowing me alive.' ❞ - Friedrich Nietzsche  

In which a girl rides along with her brother, and ends up encountering the infamous, handsome Gecko Brothers.

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September 14th 2016 - April 14th 2017

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Wow I panicked because I lost the rewrite book in my library. Took me a while to figure out this is the rewrite now. To be truthful, better to rewrite over this book entirely, instead of having another book! 
                              Good look and I'm ready to read @kjgale 🤙🏾🤗
Oooh, her brother's a cop. I thought they were just on a road trip or something, lol
Omg, I remember this book! This was the first FDTD fic I ever read, wow!
Oh my god, why am I just reading this?! This cast is perfection! ❤❤❤